Game Turbo 5.0 APK With Voice Changer Download

As MIUI users expected the game turbo 5.0 APK with an updated voice changer and the new user interface has been rolled out globally by Xiaomi, Inc. But, before installing it on your MIUI phone that should meet the requirements of the application.

And also, here listed all the details of this game booster APK download and installation procedure in detail. So, without wasting the time, let’s dive into the topic.

This is a very detailed guide about the performance, requirements, and installation of the Game Turbo 5.0 APK including the voice changer without rooting your devices. You will learn how to install it on your MIUI device without rooting, how to boost your gaming performance on MIUI devices by using game Turbo 5.0, and how to avoid any memory issues, Game Lags while playing the game.

What is Game Turbo 5.0

Game Turbo 5.0 is a game experience-changing revolutionary and super-fast Android game optimization tool that will change the way you play games forever. By using that you can get the most out of your Android device by optimizing your games and enjoying them at a higher frame rate and resolution than ever before.

Not only that but also it is the ultimate game optimization and FPS fix tool for Android devices, for any game enthusiast, no matter what kind of game you play.

The previous version of this was released with the updated voice changer facility and small new features. The game Turbo 5.0 is the new version that was released on June 23 that included the missing features in the old versions like colour enhancement. The colour enhancement feature lets users add a colour filter. It elevates the gaming graphics colour and looks great than before using the default gaming colours.

So, it is a great feature to improve the gaming graphics quality better way. Not only that, the overall user interface of the game turbo application has been updated to the latest version. It looks like a modern user interface and looks fine.


This app includes the feature available on the old versions. The motto of the app is pointed to give a better gaming experience than the previous versions. The game booster option works faster than before that feature worked on the game turbo old versions.

  • Supports all games (totally free and paid) with automatic or manual settings adjustments in real-time. No need to wait again!
  • Data Usage Halving
  • Manually optimize your games to keep your phone running smoothly, or with Auto Optimizer (which will do it automatically)!- Automatically optimize all the games you play that require it! No need to worry about those pesky saves files anymore!
  • Trusted Screen Resolution & Framerate Fix
  • Zero frame rate problems with annoying wallpapers and background images in games, or any other kind of game you play. Eliminate frame rate instability and laggy gameplay for Android!
  • Colour Filter
  • New User Interface
  • Enhanced Voice Changer Facility

Download Game Turbo 5.0 With Voice Changer on Your Xiaomi Phone

Game Turbo 5.0 is a game-boosting application that has been developed by Xiaomi, inc, which allows users to play games on their smartphones smoothly without lag & interrupts. Also, this application is not available in the play store or App Store.

You can download the APK with a voice changer by clicking the below button. Once download the APK file, install it in the way you do install the third-party app on your device.

FAQ Questions

Should you need to root your devices to install it?

No matter what kind of device you own, it is only available for MIUI Android devices (Redmi, Poco, MI, Phones, and Tablets). Also, MIUI users do not need to root their devices to install the application.

What devices does support?

All MIUI 13 Android devices support the game Turbo 5.0 application. Immediately update your MIUI devices to MIUI to install the application.

Recent Review


“It is a top-notch performance tweak that does exactly what it advertises. You can run the most popular games at their highest settings, without even a hint of a performance hit, while keeping your phone smooth and responsive. You can even play games on the bigger display with minimal lag or screen tearing.”

“This app is perfect for Android gamers who love to tune their game experience. Also, it is, never let down it manages to make my Android device even better than it already is.”

“No matter how good the game looks, it still crashes at certain times in my gameplay. And this app does not support “guardian angel” which often causes a ton of problems with the game that affects performance and can be very irritating to play.”