WorldBox Mod Apk Latest V0.22.10 (Premium Unlocked)Download Free Modern Update

WorldBox Mod Apk Latest V0.22.10 (Premium Unlocked) Download Free Modern Update

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Today we are providing you with Worldox Mod Apk V0.22.10 (Premium Unlocked)Free update. Worldbox is a God simulator sandbox game also known as Worldbox Dewa developed by Maxim Karpenko. In this game, you can make or destroy your own world as per your choice. In this article, we will provide you with a Worldbox mod APK unlimited shopping version.

NCMS Worldbox Modding Tool

You are going to need 2 files to make mods work.

1- Worldbox Mod Apk File2- NCMS File

The NCMS serves as WorldBox’s modding system, offering integrated modification techniques and compatibility with uncompiled C# code. This feature streamlines the process of creating mods for the game.

In the article jump down to the heading (How to Install & Where to put NCMS.dll file) for using NCMS effectively.

What is Worldbox?

Worldbox is a sandbox-style simulation game in which players can create their world. This game offers a lot of traits, tools, weapons, and powers that help you shape your world which you can do with WorldBox premium APK If you want to destroy your world or other kingdoms then you can use some destruction tools to do so and if you wanna make peace in your world then you can use some peace-loving tools, traits, and powers.

What Does Worldbox Mod Apk V0.22.10 Give/Little Benefits?

WorldBox has many locked traits, weapons, and powers and you can unlock them either naturally by leveling up or by doing shopping which obviously you can do with the help of money. So, you can always purchase those traits, powers, and weapons to do some unlimited shopping but what if I tell you that you can also do unlimited shopping without purchasing power tools? Isn’t it amazing?

The idea of it actually sounds fascinating that’s why we made a mod for you, you can call it whatever you want. it can be world box modded Apk, world box full Apk, world box unlocked Apk, or Worldbox free premium Apk as well, just like the premium version where you can do unlimited shopping and enjoy the premium version without any money and you can get all your favorite power tools, traits, and weapons for free without any leveling up or purchase.

Features of Worldbox Game

Different Races

Worldbox is a game in which you can have different races which includes humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs. here, we are talking about different races as in generations, not the car races but if you are interested in car racing then check out CarX Street Mod APK to enjoy car racing. There are some other races/generations as well which you can have by buying a premium version or mod APK of it or which you can have by downloading a diversity mod.

Multiplayer Mode

The Worldbox game actually has a mod known as the multiplayer mod with which more than one player can play the game at one time.

God-like Powers

Worldbox game will provide you with some godly powers to control your world with world elements including terrain tools and weather or climate. You can also create a natural disaster like a flood, earthquake, or apocalypse to destroy your world.


Players can customize their civilization and races with different skin and colors.

Game Modes

You can even choose different modes to surround yourself with. For example: if you want to survive against the world threats then you can choose survival mode, or if you want to have peace then you can also start peace mode so that no kingdom can initiate a war with you.

Advanced Civilization

You can advance your civilization by providing them with resources and then watch them prosper as time passes. You can also create a technologically advanced world by providing them with new technologies.


This game will keep on updating itself, adding new resources and things for you with every upcoming update, and keep on improving itself. So, if you have any problem in the game currently or you want something to be added in the next updates, you can ask Maxim either via tweet or by sharing it on his community platform also known as Worldbox Nexus.

What is New In The Worldbox Hack APK Unlimited Shopping?

In the Worldbox game, you can use your God-like powers to create mountains, oceans, forests, deserts, and much more. Now it’s up to you how you want to use your powers either in the creation or in the destruction of your world. You can also use Powerbox mod for this.

You can also initiate wars and can also maintain peace with treaties. You can populate your world with various creatures including humans, elves, dwarves, dragons, and even zombies. The best thing about Worldbox is it is never static. It creates a dynamic world that gives you a real-life experience that changes over time.

Features Of Worldbox Mod ApK Modern Update V0.22.10

Unlock All Traits

This game provides freedom to its players. The player can do whatever he/she wants to do with his/her own world and it’s available on various platforms android, iOs, Mac, and Windows. With this mod version, you can:

Unlimited Shopping

With Worldbox mod APK you can do unlimited shopping which means you can have all of your premium features along with every benefit without any money. you don’t need to be worried about your wallet, just fill your cart here!

Unlock All Powers

With this version of Worldbox mod APK, you can also unlock all of your favorite powers and in any case, if you need any additional powers, you can check out our article on Worldbox powerbox which will provide you with a mod for extreme powers.

Unlock All Traits

You can unlock quite a lot of traits with Worldbox mod Apk as well but if you want to have more traits you can also check out our article on Worldbox unlock all traits with which you can have all 75 unlocked traits of Worldbox.

Free Powerbox

You can have free Powerbox by downloading the Powerbox mod of Worldbox mod APK and can have all the fun without being worried about your limited powers. so, never stop experimenting and being creative!

Unlimited Money

We are providing you with Worldbox Mod APK for free so that you don’t have to be worried about buying it or money. this means that now you have unlimited money to buy everything you can.

Unlock All Weapons

You can have an armor mod with Worldbox mod APK as well as a powerbox with which you can unlock all the weapons of your Worldbox game.

Best Armor

We are sure that you must be very curious about Worldbox’s best armor. Well, here we are to satisfy your curiosity. so, go check out this article to know which is the world’s best armor.

Best Tools

You can have all of your favorite tools from the Worldbox powerbox and can have all premium features with Worldbox mod APK to be creative with your world so, go have fun.

How To Play Worldbox Game?

Worldbox is a simulation sandbox-style game where players can create, destroy and play with ecosystems. Here are some basic steps to play Worldbox

  • Download Worldbox on your device android, iOs, windows, Mac, and PC.
  • Once the game is installed choose a new world after launching to create your own world.
  • Choose the type of world you want to create either desert or earth etc
  • Use the traits, characteristics, population, and tools to shape your world as per ur choice.
  • See your world prospering after it comes to life. Add creatures and other kingdoms to play with. You can also start wars between kingdoms.
  • Do whatever you want and experiment with your world and see your world progress after saving it.

How To Download Worldbox Sandbox Mod Apk?

Worldbox mod APK unlimited shopping is a free modified version for all your queries.

Download the NCMS file by clicking on the download NCMS button

Unzip the file

Download the Worldbox mod APK file and wait for it to get download

Make sure you’ve installed NCMS before downloading the mod APK file.

It won’t work without NCMS.

How To Install Worldbox Mod APK File?

  • Install NCMS File, unzip it, and follow the prompts then install the mod APK file
  • Click on the install button of the Worldbox Mod ApK downloaded file and follow the prompts.
  • Unzip that file as well
  • Open the world box folder on your PC
  • Copy the installed files to your Worldbox folder
  • You’re almost there.
  • Now launch them and enjoy Tada!

Where To Put NCMS.dll File?

Follow the below path to place the NCMS DLL file in its designated location.

Find your Worldbox folder in local disk C (program file), and navigate through the following directories:

worldbox_Data -> StreamingAssets -> mods

Subsequently, deposit the file within that folder and launch the game. This action will generate another mods folder in the same directory as the game’s executable file. That’s where you can conveniently add your mods by dragging and dropping them.

What’s New In Worldbox Mod Apk 0.22.10 Update?

  • Smoothly animated the war and army target lines have been updated.
  • Enhanced the boat transport logic for improved functionality.
  • Restricted boat usage to units from the same kingdom only.
  • Improved boat pathfinding to reduce erratic floating.
  • Resolved an error occurring on certain devices that prevented generating a 9 slice, likely due to oversized dimensions.

System Requirements/App Requirements of Worldbox Hack Apk

Android Worldbox Requirements

PC (Windows) System Requirements

MinimumRecommendedOperating System:Operating System:Processor:Processor:RAM:RAM:Graphics Card:Graphics Card:Storage:Storage:DirectX:DirectX:

iOS Worldbox App Requirements

Minimum RecommendedOperating System:Operating System:Storage:Storage:RAM:RAM:Device:Device:

Pros and Cons Of Worldbox Mod APK Unlimited Shopping


There is no doubt, Worldbox is one of the best open-world God simulation games. But battling against other players online offers a unique gameplay experience. My personal favorite are CarX Street Mod Apk and FIFA Mobile Mod Apk. Do try these!

Final Thoughts

Worldbox mod APK unlimited shopping is a tested and verified mod version for Worldbox mod APK with all premium features unlocked. You can enjoy the game without any limitations now. It is the latest version V0.22.10.

We are a team of players, developers, and software engineers who once needed a mod version to play Worldbox effortlessly but we couldn’t find it despite all the searching then we thought of developing something so that people like us can benefit from that. Hopefully, this will be an answer to all your Worldbox queries.