Two is seen as the number of duality in numerology. With this comes a desire for unity. Has the number two been popping up frequently in your life, from 2:22 on a clock to repeating twos on invoices?

This may be no coincidence since angel numbers are repeating number sequences often used as guides for deeper spiritual exploration with each numeral having its own significance.

In a conversation with Jenn King, cosmic numerologist, USA TODAY breaks down the number two, its angel number meaning and how it may affect your relationships and career.

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What does 222 mean?

This angel number has a creative and intuitive energy often relating to interpersonal relationships, said King. The appearance of 222 can signal a time of reflection, focusing on duality of situations or scenarios.

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Two energy is also associated with the moon, and if you are seeing lots of 222, this may be a call to be more open, expressive and vulnerable.

“There’s the two sides to everything,” said King. “When we look at the energy of the moon, we either see the light side or the dark side, depending on where what angle we’re looking from. So, two is cyclic, it’s about phases.”

These phases could relate to any aspect of your life, such as career or relationships. But the appearance of 222 calls attention to your connections, said King. Try to see where you need find unity.

“What’s seeking to unite?” she said. “What’s seeking to come together?”

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In numerology, two has themes of partnership, marriage, friendships and family, said King. All in all, the angel number 222 is deeply connected to relationships.

When it comes to seeing 222, it may be time to create better connections within your life. Assess the value of your relationships and see what is and is not serving you, said King.

“I would be looking at fostering good partnerships and good relationships with other people and groups of people so that your relationship with them is one of thriving on both sides,” she said. “We need to be nurtured, and we also need to nurture others.

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The call to cultivate better relationships does not stop at your friendships, love or family life. The angel number 222 also makes its way into the workplace.

With the nurturing and creative energy associated with the angel number, 222 signals collaboration, said King. It may be time to get your team on the same page for work. Come together for that big upcoming project and lend a had when your colleague is asking for input.

This will allow for growth of your emotions and skills as it pertains to connecting with others, said King.

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In terms of positive aspects, the angel number 222 calls to take note of what you want, where you are and how you can learn and grow. It’s all about trusting yourself and finding ways to work out your current situation.

Through this expression, the angel number 222 emphasizes creativity, and this creativity can lead to further self-discovery.

“Finding ways to express your own creativity, that’s an encouraging thing,” said King. “I think it can be challenging for some people to really bring out because when you’re being creative, you’re being vulnerable.”

Acknowledge your own feelings through the process, and you may learn gain further equality and fairness within your relationships, said King.

Thinking back to the moon energy of 222, assess all facets to your scenario and see whether it is an unequal dynamic. If so, work toward healing or bringing out the best in the situation.

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Being in tune with your emotions is a good thing, but it is important to remain grounded. “When there’s a lot of two showing up, this can be a sign that the emotion is overriding, or coloring everything,” said King.

But just like the moon, emotions change, so the angel number 222 may mean take a step back from the situation. Try to consider your emotions and how they are being impacted throughout everything.

“How can I work with my emotions and my sensitivity and turn it into a superpower, instead of being overwhelmed by it or overly governed by it as well?” said King.

Also make sure you are not overextending yourself. When giving out a lot of emotional energy, it can be tiring. The angel number 222 signals to focus on yourself and your headspace, before moving forward.

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