How to Get the FF Grenade Skin on the OB31 Advance Server Update

How to Get the FF Grenade Skin on the OB31 Advance Server Update

Those of you who have FF grenade skins can listen to this page. On the OB31 Advance Server update, Garena provides a number of FF grenade skins that players can have.

Garena has added various features to Free Fire from time to time, and skins for items have always been among them. These items have become even more diverse with updates, and players now have multiple opportunities to acquire item skins through top-ups, in-game events, Lucky Royale, as well as the in-game store.

One can easily find skins for backpacks, weapons, pets, loot boxes and much more in their dedicated section of the Free Fire store. FF grenade skins are one of the items that are not part of the store because they don’t have certain parts like other collections, so it’s difficult to get them.

How to Get the FF Grenade Skin After the Latest Update

Free Fire fans were surprised when the launch of the new OB31 update was announced. Garena has launched their new OB31 update for Free Fire and Free Fire Max on December 1, 2021.

Previously we had some clues according to the Indonesian server, that this update will roll over on December 4, 2021. But the Free Fire developer revealed that server maintenance will occur December 2, 2021.

Like every other Free Fire update, users will not be able to play the game for maintenance breaks on patch day. If anyone tries to login to their Free Fire, the game will display an error. That’s why when the developer announced a maintenance break, users couldn’t log into the game after that.

As mentioned, Free Fire doesn’t have a special menu in the store that displays the FF grenade skin. You have to look for new FF grenade skins using the method given below.

Keep Monitoring Top Up Events

Top-up events usually feature various free prizes that users can get after purchasing a certain number of diamonds. These events often offer rewards such as skin gloo walls, character bundles, new pets, and more. There’s a good chance that one of those events will feature skins for grenades.

Unfortunately, not all players can top up diamonds. Because only a few players who have large funds can take part in the diamond top up event. Usually the minimum limit is quite large, so this method may not be effective for those of you who like freebies.

Themed Events Offer Many Exclusive Skins

FF Grenade Skins

Garena consistently presents quite a number of events every month. These events can be based on holidays, festivals, anniversaries, or collaborations. Hence, it gives players the opportunity to unlock a new FF grenade skin or two if they are part of the bounty.

There are lots of events in this game that you can use to get various kinds of exclusive skins. Even some cool and rare skins are often distributed in free events. Where all players can get it. You must always be updated about the events that are being held by Garena Free Fire.

Redeemable Prizes

Garena has a special website where users can go and redeem gifts using codes. It’s very rare for users to get redeem codes for FF grenade skins, but definitely worth a try to unlock the free collection.

It’s the same with classic chests and premium chests. You can exchange some battle prizes to get free skins. Grenade-themed skins are no exception. You only need to open the exchange tab provided by Garena to get certain skins.

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“Booyah!” App Rewards

FF Grenade Skins

You can use the News section in the menu to watch Free Fire events and get prizes using “Booyah!” Application to do it.

You have to log in and watch Free Fire content for a certain time to get a prize. These rewards sometimes include bundles, emotes, gloo walls, and even FF grenade skins.

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Those are several ways to get the FF grenade skin in the latest OB31 Advance Server update. Those of you who don’t have the FF grenade skin, can apply what we have provided above.