Getting started

The first thing you have to do is getting to know your team and how to manage it. First, you will enter a name for the team (how about Downzen FC?), followed by naming a coach and a captain for the team. After all of this is done, you will have your very first match which will be like a training session for you to get to know how to control players and the like. At any time you can go back and select a team uniform and logo.

Match preparations

It is necessary to select a team formation before each game. You can do this from a list of available formations. Another important thing to keep in mind is to check the energy of the players and replace the low energy players with players from the reserve. You can also increase players’ energy by spending money earned in the game. Last but not least, remember to activate specialized trainers like the goalkeeper trainer to improve your team’s skills.

Getting new players

You can improve your team by contracting with new players, which you can do from the “Transfers” section on the game where you will see available players. You can also use scouts to get talented players at a reasonable price. Remember that you have to have enough money for the player you choose.


The game controls appear on the screen as A, B, and C the functionality of the buttons changes depending on the fact that your posses the ball or not. In case you possess the ball, “A” will be used to shoot at the goal, “B” will be used to pass the ball, and “C” for long passes. In the case you don’t possess the ball “A” will be used to slide, “B” to apply pressure to the player who currently has the ball, and “C” to select the active player.

On the other side of the screen, you will have a gear-like button that controls the players’ movement and speed.

Dream League Soccer’s gameplay might take some time to get used to, but it is in fact a very great way to play soccer on touch screen devices.

Game modes

Dream League Soccer 2020 offers several playable modes to choose from.

  • CAREERIn this mode, you will build your dream team and participate in many championships. This is the mode where you build the stadium of your dreams as well.
  • DREAM LEAGUE LIVEThis mode is for online competitions against other players for trophies. There are also events within this mode that lasts for a period of time.
  • EXHIBITIONThis mode can be played offline, where you play against the game’s AI to develop your skills.
  • TRAININGThis mode helps you to improve your skills directly with training sessions on several gameplay skills.
  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYERIn this mode, you can play with your friends via WiFi offline.

Dream League Soccer 2020 features

  • A great soccer game with lots of fantasy football elements.
  • Great graphics and UI.
  • Ability to build your team from scratch to the top.
  • Complete control over your team’s formation and lineup.
  • Specialized trainers for your players to develop your team’s skills.
  • Ability to get new players by contracting with them.
  • Build your dream stadium.
  • Play online against random players.
  • Play with your friends offline via WiFi.

Download Dream League Soccer 2020

Get the latest version of Dream League Soccer 2020 7.42 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.