At Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU), it is our objective to develop you into a creative, skillful and sought-after graduate, with the aptitude, skills and experiences that will enable you to make an impact in your chosen career.

The Bachelor degree programs are tailored specifically for undergraduate students which equally to the level 6/8 by the National qualification framework of Vietnam and was selected from the Top 100 QS World University Ranking and THE (Time Higher Education) undergraduate programs.

At TDTU, students have the choice:

  1. Standard program: there are 40 programs across a range of specializations, including economic finance, construction, fine art, humanities, foreign languages, technology and engineering, applied sciences, law, sport, and pharmacy. Most programs have a nominal duration of 4 years to complete, except the Pharmacy programs takes 5 years to complete.
  2. High quality program:

+ The programs are delivered in Vietnamese and English: 17 programs

+ The programs are fully delivered in English: 12 programs – are developed from the standard ones with the goal of training human resources with higher outcome standards and being able to respond immediately to the international integration market.

  1. Sandwich Exchanged-Campus Programs: 13 programs with flexible enrollments for students to study aboard in their third or fourth years and to have an opportunity to obtain 2 degrees (one from TDTU and the other from a foreign university partner)

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  3. Short-term programs

With the goal of internationalization and training of global citizens, TDTU has been a destination for studying, practicing, interchanging and exchanging culture of an increasing number of international students. In recent years, TDTU has received nearly 4,000 foreign students from 29 countries (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Korea, Myanmar, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech, Sweden, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, USA, Italy, India, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland) coming to study and have an exchange from a period of one week to many months in length.

In order to have cooperative trainings for an outcome of graduates competently working and succeeding in the world, TDTU has been calling on the collaborations from world-class universities and international students to co-organize and attend short-term training courses in Vietnam. See more short-term programs of TDTU here:

  1. Vietnamese language program:

Our Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) is located in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Annually, international students from overseas countries are sent to our university to enroll short-term or long-term Vietnamese programs. Therefore, we have been doing a potential role in term of training and educating, together with expanding student’s careers and their future with a suitable tuition fee over the others. After the 1-year course, students can go back to their home country to continue the study in their university.

The program is 1 year long and designed with credits to afterwards join with the bachelor programs such as Vietnamese Language, Vietnamese Studies, Asian Studies and Dual-language track.

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