Gen Y 2 is a catastrophe, astounding me with its dreadfulness. How can a BL drama be this awful? Does the storyteller have any idea how to create an engaging narrative? Every plot is banal, shallow, and utterly pointless. Each episode feels like excruciating torture. I glance at the clock in desperation all the time, wondering when this nightmare would finally end. Gen Y 2 is a lousy sequel and an embarrassing representation of the BL genre.

I had an ominous feeling about Gen Y 2 based on the miserable storylines near the end of the first season. Still, I underestimated the rapid and bottomless deterioration in quality. The premiere begins nonsensically with ridiculous reactions to the previous cliffhanger finale. Each subsequent episode only gets worse. The plots are half-baked and devoid of suspense, yet they drag for hours before their predictably trite resolutions. I’m bored by the repetitive conflicts, stale romances, and dreary leads with lifeless charisma.

Wayu and Thanu ruined the series. I can’t fathom why Gen Y 2 devotes so much time to the pairing when they are a total snoozefest. This mismatched couple shares zero chemistry, the dull characters have no personalities, and their mundane interactions drain my energy. All their scenes are cheesy, schmaltzy, and blandly vanilla. Yet, they’re constantly pushed to the forefront, so overexposed that I groan every time these two bores appear on-screen. Wayu can’t go anywhere without Thanu tagging along creepily because he has no life outside his relationship.

Gen Y 2 oversimplifies Wayu’s moral dilemma between choosing Pha and Thanu, mishandling the love triangle drama. All the characters are obnoxious about pushing Wayu towards Thanu, eliminating any tension in the storyline. Also, Pha’s delicate situation demands compassion and sensitivity. Yet, his character is reduced to a pitiful plot device to prop up Wayu & Thanu’s inevitable hook-up. Worst of all, Wayu seems heartless towards his suffering ex-boyfriend. I hate seeing him giggle and flirt frivolously with Thanu while Pha faces pain and anguish.

The other relationships are dire and cannot salvage the series. Although Mark & Kit have a natural rapport, they’re saddled with an idiotic subplot that diminishes their spark. Gen Y 2 ran out of material and didn’t know what to do with their star couple anymore. As for Pok & Tong, both are toxic scumbags wrapped up in their trashy drama. Watching them is like a prelude to domestic assault. Annoyingly, all three pairs suffer from excess sentimentality. Their exchanges are too mushy and sappy. The unrealistic dialogue resembles corny lines in a romance novel.

I can continue listing the issues with Gen Y 2, but the gist is I hate everything. Perhaps the biggest problem is the unbearable length. This series stretches a flimsy plot into eleven longwinded hours of tedious content. Finishing all the episodes has been a painful test of endurance, one that I overcame with rolled eyes, clenched fists, and gritted teeth. I’m proud of myself for not quitting midway, although I came close to falling asleep on occasions. I beg you, please don’t make a third season. Gen Y 2 deserves an eternal burial in the graveyard of horrid BL franchises.