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“Attention! You have a message,” the Facebook Messenger logo says. The emblem indicates that messages are delivered quickly, like lightning. This allows for continuous dialogue—the sign hints at the ability of the messenger to convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

Meaning and History

Facebook Messenger Logo History

Messenger allows you to chat and share media freely. It is also closely related to Instagram Direct Messages: users of both services can send messages to each other without downloading the second application. This became possible in 2020 after the integration of the two platforms. The unexpected merger was reflected not only in the Facebook Messenger interface but also in the logo. The icon, which remained blue for a long time, now has a pink gradient. Before that, only the form changed, and the color shades were always within the same palette.

What is Facebook Messenger?

This is the messenger’s name created by Meta Platforms, Inc. in 2011. It is integrated into Facebook Chat, allows you to send text messages and files in different formats, and is suitable for many operating systems. There are mobile and PC versions.

2011 – 2013

Facebook Messenger Logo 2011-2013

The standalone Messenger app’s first logo was a rectangular callout with rounded corners and a triangular ledge at the bottom. Inside there was a white zigzag element. The main shape was blue, with the designers using a gradient and adding a gray shadow around the edges for a 3D effect.

The iOS app icon looked a little different. In this version, the dialogue cloud was white and silver and got a square blue border with a light stripe at the bottom. Lightning was also blue.

2013 – 2018

Facebook Messenger Logo 2013-2018

After the update, the leader is now round. The color has become brighter and lighter. The gradient was preserved, but the shade transition was almost invisible.

2018 – 2020

Facebook Messenger Logo 2018-2020

The emblem with rounded corners was used for two years. The shape of the dialog cloud has changed slightly, but the palette remains the same.

2020 – today

Facebook Messenger Logo 2020-present

In 2020, Messenger teamed up with another messaging service, Instagram Direct Messages. Two weeks after the integration, Facebook unveiled an updated logo for the app, painting the already familiar circle in new colors. This is how an additional gradient of orange, pink, and purple hues appeared.

The messenger icon looks like a dialogue cloud, which is commonly used in comics to illustrate characters’ speech. This simple symbol reveals the service’s main purpose: to help people communicate freely with each other, regardless of distance.

The logo design is very simple. It is made up of three geometric shapes, including a large circle (“bubble”), a small triangle (part of the callout, usually facing the speaker), and a zigzag (a hallmark of Facebook Messenger). After the redesign, the icon began to indicate the close relationship of the program with Instagram. The rounded edges represent friendliness.

Font and Colors

Facebook Messenger Emblem

The logo serves as an icon for the application; therefore, it does not contain labels. There are not even single letters in it, although the dialogue cloud suggests the presence of text. This has recently ceased to be a problem because the designers have recolored the drawing, adding the traditional UV gradient for Instagram. The colorful palette looks self-sufficient and does not need any additions. If there are any technical restrictions, Messenger owners allow the black and white version.

Facebook Messenger Symbol

Until 2020, the messaging service emblem was blue. The same color (albeit in a different version) is part of the Facebook corporate identity. He was chosen by Mark Zuckerberg himself, who, due to color blindness, does not perceive the red-green spectrum well and perfectly distinguishes all shades of blue.

Facebook Messenger color codes