How to Play Minecraft Free

1. Minecraft Unblocked (Browser)

From your browser, you can play Eaglercraft, Minecraft 1.5.2, or ClassiCube.

Eaglercraft – an unofficial Javascript/HTML5 port to play Minecraft 1.5.2 in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode, compatible with all browsers (recommended). EaglercraftX for Minecraft 1.8.8 is available, but currently for multiplayer only.

Minecraft 1.5.2 – the official but outdated Java applet version you can play. Requires Internet Explorer and some extra configuration.

ClassiCube – a fanmade version of Minecraft’s creative mode. It’s basically Minecraft Classic, but better! Unfortunately there’s no sound, but you can play online.

2. Free Minecraft Trials (Official)

There are various free trials available across many platforms for you to try. Minecraft comes in two flavors – Java edition for PC and Bedrock Edition for several platforms. Make sure you sign up for a Microsoft account in order to log in. Please note that the length of the trial depends on the platform.

Minecraft Java Edition Trial (PC)

Visit, click on Minecraft, and then scroll down to find the free Java Edition trial. Select your PC type, whether it’s Windows, Mac, or Linux, and hit the “Download Now” button. Once downloaded and installed, simply login and select “Play Demo World” to get started with the trial.

These versions will allow you to play Survival Mode with a time limit. You can use this time frame to learn the game’s mechanics, especially how to craft essential items and survive the night against monsters.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Trial (Windows, Android, PlayStation 3, 4, Vita)

Visit, click on Minecraft, and then Choose the device you want to install the Bedrock Edition trial on. Unfortunately, there is currently no trial for iOS devices. A lot of users prefer this version because it has a cleaner interface and works on several mobile devices. This is great for trying out the game on the go, but also has a time limit.

Xbox Game Pass

To access the free trial on Xbox, you’ll need to already have Xbox Game Pass. If you don’t already have Game Pass, a cheap way to get it is to register for it with a credit card and choose the first month option for $1. While the Game Pass itself costs money, the Minecraft trial is free. Just search for Minecraft on the app, and you’ll notice several options to play it. Minecraft Dungeons is also free on Game Pass.

3. Surveys and Offers

You could register an account on a site such as, or any site offering similar services, to use coins or points you earn from completing surveys and offers to trade in for a Minecraft account, or real money. The downside is it can be time consuming, and some of the surveys and offers won’t go through, or take multiple attempts to work. It’s a great way to get the the full version of Minecraft though, if you have the patience.

Games Like Minecraft

If you like Minecraft, there are several similar games you can download that are free to play.


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