Now that One Piece episode 1035 has been released, it is time for fans to return to the Land of Wano. With Luffy defeated and Kaido ready to kill all the remaining opponents, the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies had to fight harder than ever before. Still, no matter what happened to their captain, Luffy’s friends were ready to keep fighting until the end.

Last week’s episode saw Big Mom feeding Zeus to her newest creation, Hera. It also teased the upcoming battle between Big Mom and Kid. One Piece episode 1035, titled The Animal Kingdom Pirates Trample Down! The End of the Kozuki Clan!, continued with Chopper’s fight against Queen and Perospero, as well as the Scabbards’ search for Momonosuke. Keep reading to learn more.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for One Piece episode 1035.

Kin’emon was ready to end his best friend’s life in One Piece episode 1035

What happened in the last episode?

Big Mom captured Zeus with ease (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1034 started with Big Mom telling Zeus how much of a disappointment he was. She immediately asked her new Homie, Hera, to eat the cloud. Nami tried to save him but it was too late for the creature. On the Live Floor, Chopper tried to keep Queen and Perospero at bay. The episode ended with Kid attacking Big Mom and claiming he would be the one to defeat her.

Episode 1035: The will of a true Pirate

Chopper as seen in One Piece episode 1035 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1035 began with Momonosuke holding his head due to the extreme pain the weird voice he was hearing caused him. Shinobu started to panic, unsure of how to save her young master. Right outside the room, Kin’emon and Kiku heard Shinobu’s screams for help, which prompted them to enter and look for the small kid.

While this was happening, Chopper continued fighting Queen and Perospero, but to no avail. The android seemed impervious to any kind of damage, while the pale man’s rain of candy arrows caused havoc on the Live Floor. Chopper tried to save as many people as he could, but he had already received a massive amount of damage, preventing him from saving more.

Chopper and Cesar as seen in One Piece episode 1035 (Image via Toei Animation)

The Straw Hat doctor’s fear kept increasing as his Rumble Ball transformation was almost over. Chopper had a flashback to the conversation he had with Cesar Clown about his transformation. During their chat, the mad scientist convinced the reindeer to increase the time of his gigantic form, despite the risk of losing control.

Back in the present, Perospero was preparing another rain of arrows, which Chopper swiftly destroyed with his paw. Queen congratulated the reindeer for his accomplishment while preparing an attack of his own. Despite the damage he was receiving, Chopper refused to lose the fight, wanting to honor Luffy’s request of backing him up until the bitter end.

Kaido’s victory announcement

Jinbe and Whose Whose as seen in One Piece episode 1035 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1035 went on to show Bao Huang using her Marys to give an announcement to everyone in the castle. In a sickeningly sweet voice, the young woman announced that the battle between the Yonko and Luffy was over, announcing Kaido as the winner of the encounter.

Throughout all of Onigashima, Luffy’s friends and allies reacted to the news, some with desperation and fear, others with disbelief. The Straw Hat Pirates refused to believe the announcement and kept fighting regardless. Bao Huang also revealed that the Red Scabbards were defeated as well.

The woman kept going, declaring that Kaido would enter the castle soon to take down the remaining enemies. However, the Emperor promised that anyone who surrendered would be welcomed as a part of the Animal Kingdom Pirates’ crew. While this was happening, Kanjuro, disguised as Oden, was approaching the room where Momonosuke and his servants were staying.

The fallen snow is melting

Kin'emon covering Momonosuke's eyes (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1035 continued with Kin’emon holding Momonosuke in his arms. The young boy claimed that he had something extremely important to share with everyone in the castle. As the group spoke, one of Bao Huang’s Marys approached them, letting them know that Kaido’s forces were aware of their location.

Kanjuro, still disguised as Momonosuke’s father, commenced climbing up the stairs, while acting as his former master would. The young boy and Shinobu became overjoyed after seeing that Oden was still alive, despite Kin’emon and Kiku telling them it was a trick. Kanjuro, ecstatic with the reactions his disguise elicited, continued with his act while smiling sinisterly.

Kiku as seen in One Piece episode 1035 (Image via Toei Animation)

Enraged by her former ally’s actions and Ashura’s death, Kiku attacked Kanjuro. Sadly, Kanjuro took advantage of the woman’s fragile emotional state and reminded her how Oden was the one who had saved her and Izo when they were children. This made the young swordswoman’s attack falter, giving the traitor a chance to stab her in the stomach.

Kin’emon began running towards his comrade, taking her into his arms. Kanjuro, overjoyed by his successful attack, revealed himself, shocking Momonosuke and Shinobu. With her remaining strengths, Kiku revealed her dream of the Land of Wano flourishing once again to Kin’emon. She then fell unconscious.

Kanjuro’s final performance

Kin'emon and Kanjuro as seen in One Piece episode 1035 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1035 proceeded to show Kanjuro taunting Kin’emon to fight him after seemingly killing Kiku. The black-haired man was furious with his former ally, ready to do whatever was needed to prevent any more deaths. The red-haired actor used his powers to create a fake stage for his final encounter with Kin’emon.

Before their fight, Kanjuro continued mocking Kin’emon, reminding him that he had nothing left to fight for. Without a word, the black-haired swordsman attacked the actor, cutting him down and putting an end to his heinous acts. As Kanjuro began falling, he remembered all the good times he shared with Kin’emon, whom he once considered his best friend.

With the traitor dead, Shinobu, Momonosuke, and Kin’emon prepared to run away before more of Kaido’s men arrived. Tragically, as they prepared, the Emperor himself made his presence known. One Piece episode 1035 ended with Kaido hitting Kin’emon in the head with his kanabo.

Final thoughts

Can Kin'emon survive this attack? (Image via Toei Animation)

Despite the great animation and emotive moments found in One Piece episode 1035, the episode failed to reach the expectations fans had. While the action scenes were greatly executed, the excitement they caused was cut short by the copious amount of flashbacks the episode had. Almost every character who appeared in the episode had at least one scene reminiscing.

It was almost as if the studio was trying to keep the episode going, despite not having any more material to adapt from the manga. Sadly, next week’s episode might just continue to disappoint fans, as it will be a recap of the battle between the Worst Generation and the Emperors. We can only hope that after One Piece episode 1035 the series will regain the quality the franchise is known for.

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