Fallout 4 is a video game that was released in 2015. It is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing open-world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The latest installment in the Fallout franchise is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas. On many levels, the game builds upon the systems and mechanics introduced in the fallout games of the past by revamping them and making them more fresh and engaging.

This allows the game to be fresh and familiar for older players while eliminating the gateways that might discourage new players from picking up the game. Some of the revampings come in the story because the story has always been an essential aspect of the Fallout franchise. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best faction Fallout 4 to help you progress the story and which one will aid in your journey the most.

About Fallout 4 Faction

Fallout 4 begins with you, the player, deciding upon your character, which you will be playing throughout the rest of the game. After this introductory sequence, you are alerted that war has broken out, and everyone needs to rush to a vault to take shelter. Luckily you are allowed passage into the vault and then carried deep underground with a few other NPCs. Once there, you are directed towards a room where multiple pods are set up, these are labeled decontamination pods, and you are told to get inside them. Once inside, the player’s vision gets blurry, and a black screen greets you.

After a moment of silence, you are greeted with mysterious strangers who abduct your child and murder your spouse from the pod right beside you. After witnessing this, you again fall back into a deep slumber and awake sometime later with one goal in mind. Find your son and get revenge on those who stole everything from you. cover min From this point onwards, the game begins, and you, the player, are introduced to the Boston Commonwealth world. Here on out, you have an active hand in the Commonwealth’s future and how you wish to go about exacting justice and to change the world around you.

Fallout 4 Best Faction

There are 4 major factions in Fallout 4, the minutemen, The brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad, and The Institute. This article will help you find out Fallout 4 best faction and guide you about other factions as well. In Fallout 4 players get to choose any one of these 4 factions.


minutemen flag min

The Minutemen are a faction of the Commonwealth that is made up of people who believe in freedom, liberty, and equality. They fight against the Institute and its authoritarian rule. The Minutemen are found all over the Commonwealth, from Megaton to Diamond City. The player first interacts with them by following the main quest’s storyline and coming to a town, Concord, where the Minutemen and a band of raiders are at a standstill. Here you meet Preston Garvy, a possible companion if you choose to help fight against the raiders.

fallout 4 best faction to join
Companion Preston Garvy

The Minutemen have some unique missions, the main of which is “Taking Independence.” In this questline, you defeat many Mirelurks (basically mutated crab monsters) and eventually have to take down the Mirelurk Queen. After taking down the queen, you get access to the castle grounds to turn into a fortified base that can handle any threats. The main rewards for joining the militia include a flare gun, which you can use to contact nearby militia reserves to help you. After completing several missions, you will receive a huge sea fortress and the ability to build cannons in the settlements.

The enemies of the militia do not attack so much. Most of the time, the militiamen hide behind the radar, and they execute their actions in silence. The Institute will not take any direct action against the Institute unless you become an enemy of the Institute. However, this means that unless you become an enemy of the Institute, they will not directly take any action to attack the Institute.

If you do something very radical, such as killing a group of scientists at the Institute, you should know that you are in big trouble. If you complete the main story with the Minutemen and with those who are enemies of the Brotherhood, they will attack the Minutemen in their way, but you can always fight back.

castle min
The Castle after defeating enemies

The main benefit of the Minutemen is that you can join another faction while still being part of the Minutemen. Any interaction you have with other factions will not negatively affect your standing within them. There is also the fact that upon joining the Minutemen, you get to have Preston Garvy as a companion who has one of the best perks in the game. Alongside this, you also get a flaregun which summons 4-6 minutemen militia to help if you are ever in trouble and need assistance.

The Minutemen are an excellent faction overall, but they cannot be considered the best faction in Fallout 4 as other late-game factions outclass them in terms of their offerings.

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Brotherhood of Steel

best faction to join fallout 4

The Brotherhood of Steel, as a faction, has a strict code of conduct, which means that members must follow the rules and regulations set forth by the organization. They are also known for their technological prowess, which makes them one of the most technologically advanced factions in Fallout 4. They are very militaristic and seek to acquire as much prewar technology as they can and will often sacrifice lives to further their agenda. The Brotherhood of Steel is led by Elder Arthur Maxson, who was chosen to be leader after his father passed away.

The faction has two primary missions: to preserve technology and science for future generations and to protect humanity from outside threats by fighting with their Best weapons. Early on, you can find the Brotherhood of Steel by going to the Cambridge Police Station and taking down a horde of ghouls.

Here is where you will meet Paladin Danse for the first time. After going on several quests with Danse, you will have the option to travel with him as your companion. You are fully welcomed into the Brotherhood of Steel after completing the quest “Semper Invicta.”

best faction fallout 4
Companion Paladin Danse

The best benefit of the Brotherhood of Steel is the sheer amount of rare items that the player gets to enjoy having successfully joined the faction. These include special Brotherhood of Steel Power Armour, tons of Ammo, and guns, including Gauss Rifles. You also get a flare that can call a Vertibird to your location to help you travel around the Commonwealth. There is a paint scheme to gain access to the power armor boost strength of the Brotherhood of Steel. A paint job is given to every part of the Power armor, a boosted strength is given to the armor that helps in accessing its power.

Looking at all the benefits you get for siding with the Brotherhood of Steel, it can easily be argued that they are in the running for Fallout 4 best faction by far.


The Railroad has an overarching goal of rescuing fugitive synths and the overall freedom of synths. The faction believes in using peaceful means to achieve this goal, but they are not afraid to use violence if necessary. For the player to join or start playing with the Railroad, they must complete a quest called “Railroad Blues,” a quest that has the player follow a series of arrows leading to the secret headquarters of the faction. The Railroad is very secretive and is rarely seen, except in their base of operations.

You also meet Deacon, who can become your companion if you choose to join the Railroad—fun fact: They are based on the historical Underground Railroad from American history.

deacon min
Companion Deacon

The main benefit of the Railroad is that they allow you access to special armor and weapons that are unobtainable otherwise, such as the Deliverer Pistol and Ballistic Weave Armor modification. You also get Deacon as your companion, and he has a handy affinity perk when going with a stealth-based playstyle.

The Railroad is a good faction trying its best to give freedom to the sentient machines called synths. In terms of gameplay, however, they are similar to the Minutemen. Good but not great, with the only exception being the Ballistic Weave Armor mod granted by joining their side, and on a lesser note, Deacon.

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best faction fallout 4

The Institute is a faction of scientists and intellectuals who use synths to do their bidding. They also believe that the best way to advance humanity is to destroy all prewar culture and recreate a utopian society in their image. This is because they blame prewar culture for the downfall of humankind. The Institute values scientific progress above all else, which means they are not concerned with preserving life.

They favor using technology to solve problems, even if it means wiping out entire species. To join the Institute, you have to complete the quest “Institutionalised,” where you meet the leader of the Institute and are given a choice to join. If you choose to join, you will unlock the companion X6-88.

fallout 4 best faction to join
Companion X6-88

The main benefit of the Insititute is the high-tech energy weapons that you get granted access to when you join. And X6-88 as a companion is very good, one of the best with his affinity perk and one of the strongest, rivaling Paladin Danse. You also get a flare that allows you to summon a few gen one synths to follow your command.

Overall the Institute seems worse than the other factions. Still, it has excellent late-game scaling as the weapons you get will melt enemies and the lore behind the whole organization is very interesting. We can say that it is one of the best Fallout 4 factions to join.


All the factions have their specific works and functions. Where one deals with the protection of the people of the Commonwealth, the other helps collect military weapons. One helps with creating Synths and another liberates the Synths. Choosing fallout 4 best faction to join is a difficult task. But according to me, The minutemen is the best faction out of all four. This is because firstly, they help in the protection of people. Secondly, they are easy to join. Once you start the game the first faction is to join is The minutemen. They are accessible to join and are beneficial. Additionally, the enemies of the minutemen are silent enemies they do not kill everyone in their line of sight they hide and wait for the minutemen. All these reasons make the minutemen the best faction to join in fallout 4.