If you love strategy, Tower Conquest is the place for you. It is a tower defense strategy game where you can participate in competitive battles with your friends. Choose the strongest heroes from different tribes and combine them to create the perfect squad. There are hundreds of characters with different skills. Moreover, the game offers dozens of unique maps for you to have a diverse strategic adventure like never before. Do not hesitate to adventure and go to war with friends to earn treasures and upgrade your power. Travel through dungeons, jungles, ancient kingdoms, and more and defeat all enemies. Are you ready?

Download Tower Conquest – Typical tower defense strategy gameplay

Tower Conquest is really the battlefield for those who love tower defense battles. It requires high strategy and flexibility in changing the squad. Because it offers a variety of different missions in which you will encounter dozens of enemies from weak to strong. You can even compete with your world friends in multiplayer mode. Furthermore, the challenges level up over time, requiring non-stop progress. But the attractive rewards are what will keep you in the long run. Win to unlock and discover dozens of characters, maps, and upgradeable abilities. Don’t stop until you reach the rank you want.


Build the perfect strategic squad

Enemies from the world of darkness have risen and invaded your stronghold. Now is the time to fight with your strategic abilities and the power of epic heroes. Your job is to recruit heroes and gather them into the squad to fight. Each has its own strengths and skills, but can be combined to support damage and defense. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about each hero before recruiting them. In battle, your job is to simply click on the hero cards to attack. Such a simple gameplay mechanism really does not make it difficult for any gamer, even new players.

However, being easy to play does not mean being easy to conquer. Unpredictable battles require your focus to analyze the battlefield and make reasonable choices and changes over time. Your enemies can be anyone from hordes of monsters from the dark to real players around the globe. They get stronger as your level progresses. So the battles here are always in balance, inspiring to fight. If you win, you will receive bonuses and unique items. You can also spend money to unlock some additional skills to use in battle, helping to gain an advantage in certain situations.


Unlock new characters and maps

Tower Conquest currently has more than 70 characters from 5 different worlds including Kingsmen, Undead, Robots, Jade Empire, and Invaders. Therefore, you will meet warriors, heroes, ninjas, and dozens of other types of warriors in this game. It is the diversity in the character class that creates the richness in the strategic gameplay of the game. Each character class, although from different worlds, can be combined harmoniously. You can create more than 1000 combinations of formations from this character system. But which is the strongest combination? That is the question for every strategist when entering the game.

Over time, you also unlock new maps. It can be spirit land, dungeon, heaven, an ancient kingdom, and more. Each place has its own characteristics in terms of the enemy system, landscape, and quest. Therefore, the further you go, the more interesting things to discover. You will feel like you are on a real adventure. So play hard to access multiple maps to unlock new challenges and opportunities. You will have a high chance to hunt for rewards and many great upgrade items. If you join a clan, you can share gifts with your friends through Facebook.


Vivid and fun 2D design

Every battle takes place on the screen and is described visually. You will have the opportunity to witness every action and move of each hero. Those are impressive performances with lively sound and effects. Moreover, with an extremely diverse and unique appearance, the warrior system will make you fall in love. In particular, they also have many super cool shapes after each upgrade. The game world is equally rich as it stretches through many unique lands.


MOD APK Feature of Tower Conquest

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins gems
  • max level, full hero

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-play strategy game, Tower Conquest is a great choice. It does not require you to do too much but still has an irresistible attraction. Explore the game, join exciting battles with your squad and claim worthy treasures. Do not hesitate to change and refresh the squad with new warriors and new skills.