This Multifunctional Sex Toy Is Like Having 4 Vibrators in One—And Can Stimulate Your Peach, Too

You’ve heard of kitchen appliances having interchangeable parts; the Vitamix and the KitchenAid, for example, are both known for their multitasking mastery. But luxury sex toy company Zalo is proving with its recent release that bedroom appliances should have interchangeable parts, too.

In honor of Anal August (yep, that’s a thing), Zalo launched the Bess 2 Clitoral Massager ($120), an anal-optional upgrade to the original Bess Clitoral Massager ($100). Below, learn all about the luxury massager that can be outfitted with a variety of different vagina-, anal-, and vulva-friendly attachments.

The many faces of the Bess 2

At face value, the Zalo Bess 2 looks like any other pin-pointed clit vibrator. It sports a silicone handle and golden vibrating tip that’s no bigger than a Q-tip. However, what sets the Zalo Bess devices apart from other vibrators in their class is that this tip can be covered with a variety of attachments, which transform this pinpoint clitoral massager into a totally different kind of sex toy. With one purchase, you can have up to four different vibrating sex toys that can arouse and stimulate different erogenous areas, depending on your mood.

The Bess 2, which I tested, comes with four different attachment options; the first three it shares in common with the Bess. One is a small pom-pom shaped bead that can be plopped onto the metal tip to intercept some of the intensity you feel when you use the vibrator in its “raw” attachment-free state. A second attachment looks like the head of a dandelion, and is a textured option designed for people who enjoy having all sides of their external clitoris stimulated at the same time. (I’d recommend this attachment for anyone who enjoys suction toys). A third attachment is a finger-shaped extension that is curved for ideal G-zone and prostate stimulation.

The fourth attachment, available only on the Zalo Bess 2, resembles a string of anal beads. By sliding this six-bead-long silicone attachment onto the end of your massager, you effectively transform your clit vibrator into an anal one.

The fact that the Bess 2 comes with four different attachments isn’t the only noteworthy thing about it. This massager also has a heating function, which allows you to pre-heat it up to 107°F. Heat application can be used to promote blood flow, which can prep the genital tissues for stimulation and heighten sensation and pleasure. Beyond that, it also has eight different vibration settings, so you can find exactly what gets you going, plus it’s water-resistant (fun for play in the shower) and boasts a rechargeable battery. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s available in snazzy jewel tones like turquoise, magenta, and black, with gold detailing to really elevate the aesthetic.

Who should try the Zalo Bess 2

Simply, anyone interested in exploring the pleasure potential of vibration butt play should give the Zalo Bess 2 a try. While the anal bead attachment is long, the first few beads are small small, making it an ideal beginner string for those new to butt play.

If you’re not so interested in anal, but are intrigued by the first three attachments, opt for the original Zalo Bess instead. The main difference between the Zalo Bess and Zalo Bess 2, after all, is that the original does not come with the fourth anal-bead attachment.

And if you’re on the fence? Hop off, and shop. After all, the Zalo Bess 2 set costs a reasonable $120, which is a fraction of the cost of buying 4 separate vibrators.