You would have played Zombie Survival modes a lot. There are plenty of Third Perspective Shooting games in which you are surviving the zombie apocalypse or fighting the undead. But have you ever played as a zombie rather than the fighter?

Zombie Tsunami is a game in which you are undead and you are running to eat people and increase your zombie army. Because, more people you eat, more undead joins you as your undead species and you being human race closer to extinction. Create an horde and let your buddies eat strangers.

You can join multiplayer as well to boost up your progress of this zombie land. Once you start playing this game. There’s no way back. You shall be addicted and you will keep on playing. It’s more like a tsunami for people who are alive. It’s free to download and easy to play. It has arcade touch game controls.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk

What is Zombie Tsunami Apk?

Zombie Tsunami apk is standard download version. In this version, you have your friends ready to beat the heat. Let another one bite the dust as you grind your teeth in their bodies. Make your zombie force stronger and larger. Be a tsunami as the game title says itself. Be the worse every instant and don’t let anyone run away from you. Because that’s you who are zombie now and you know you’re ready to win by hook or crook.

What is Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk?

Oh, you are not making people undead enough? You don’t hsve enough energy or enough power to make them zombie? Zombie Tsunami mod apk has all cheats activated for you and ready to use. You can start running to habitable zones without any worries of getting shot by any veteran because now you’re invincible and obviously undead. You’re now more lethal. You have weapons too. You have everything which you imagine being as a zombie. Just keep your cravings to eat brains alive.

Can you play Multiplayer in Zombie Tsunami?

Yes, you can play multiplayer in game. It has a massive multiplayer with good server and online ping which does not even lag a bit on your any server. It is very easy to connect and you win it well to get rewarded.

What is Zombie Bird in Zombie Tsunami?

Zombie Birds are powerful and extra perks for your zombies which help you finding alive people so you can eat them and make them undead. Your goal is to make as many people undead as you can.

How do you download Zombie Tsunami?

Zombie Tsunami can be downloaded from our official website. You can download it very easily without any hassles. It’s all free and you can follow on-screen instructions to install it and play it.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk



This game has massive number of multiplayers ready to join you for live. You can hit the city with hundreds of online players ready to eat everything on your way. You can make new friends and play with them. You can invite your existing friends and kill the human race. You can play single player too but multiplayer has its own charm. You play it well, you win it more. So, win multiplayer matches and earn more rewards.

Zombie Birds

Zombie Birds are perks like elements of Zombies. You can make them stronger and they will help you Spotting citizens and you can kill them. Zombie Birds are very important to upgrade. These birds will help you eating alive people. They will fly over live and you can rush their place to finish them and make them undead.

Many Missions

This game has more than 300 missions to play. In single player mode, you can level yourself up in missions by playing more than 300 missions. These missions are very helpful while winning rewards and coins. You can get so many zombie characters unlocked and perks which you can use in multiplayer and single player mode to boost up your progress. It has a good expansive mission campaign which has a range of difficulty levels.


There are hundreds of characters which you can play overtime. You can earn and unlock new characters in rewards. You can also play and win game coins. These coins can be spent to purchase new exciting zombie characters. These characters have their own perks which you can use against lethal weapons of citizens. Characters are important part of game. Because if you miss them. You just quit your legacy positions. So win and earn legacy skins and characters to outstand yourself.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk

Mod Features

Unlimited Coins

This mod version has unlimited coins. This mod will let you play with countless coins and game currency. These coins can be redeemed for skins and characters or perks for Zombie Birds. Zombie Birds can be score boosters for you. These features in mod version will let you win every game. You can win the game without even struggling much.

No Ads

Ada are the most annoying part in any game you are playing. You get sick of ads as you keep on winning or losing. Regardless of your match outcome. So, in this mod. We have removed every ad and bug. Now you can play games without any pause or stop. You keep on Playing and you just forget about getting any ad because there’s no barrier to stop your progress in the game now.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk


Zombie Tsunami is the best game in which you don’t play as fighter but play as zombie. This is what this game makes you unique. You walk as undead and make a large and massive horde to kill the humanity. It’s your turn to decide the fate of human race. And you have chosen to be zombie. So play it now and eat them to make your force even stronger and larger. Because this is how you’re going to win this game. This game is free to download and you can freely download it from our website. It’s safe to download and contains no virus.